What Can My Church Do?

What Can My Church Do?

S.T.O.P. Sunday We are encouraging our churches to set aside a day of prayer on the second Sunday of each January (or any Sunday that works in your church calendar) for Human Exploitation and Trafficking. There are several ways you can promote S.T.O.P. Sunday and educate your church on the issue of Human Exploitation.

  • Designate a specific time in one of your worship services to pray against the evils of trafficking and exploitation.
  • Print inserts for your worship guide with information that will raise awareness of the subject.  (English or Spanish)
  • Print prayer bookmarks for members of your congregation. (English or Spanish)
  • Enlist a member from the BGCO Human Trafficking Educators to make a presentation to a specific group within your congregation. More information.
  • Host a WorldCrafts party. WorldCrafts is a ministry through WMU that develops sustainable, fair-trade businesses among impoverished people around the world. More information
  • Recognize and honor your local law enforcement during a service.
  • Pray about beginning a truck stop ministry from your congregation. Begin by prayerwalking and be aware of minors who may be entrapped in prostitution.
  • Consider beginning a Celebrate Recovery ministry at your church.
  • Promote internet safety within your student ministry and address the issues of bullying and media exploitation.


Steps to Addressing Human Exploitation Issues

Pray, educate, motivate, and activate.

Step 1: Pray for awareness, understanding, and guidance. Step 2: Educate yourself and your church. Present the issues in a variety of ways. Step 3: Focus on one issue at a time. Step 4: Ask for a response, then take action. Step 5: Connect with local groups already involved in an issue. Step 6: Be an advocate for victims and victims’ families.

Pray About Your Involvement (visit our Printable Resources page for bookmarks and a prayer wheel.)

 Recognize the need for a strong spiritual foundation before you begin for you will confront a spiritual battle.

• Ask God for guidance. Depend on Him when you encounter roadblocks, deflections, discouragement, negative attitudes, and waning strength.

• Pray that God will keep you focused.

• Keep a positive and Christlike response toward those who expect something different from passionate Christians.

• Pray that your congregation will be open and receptive to responding.

• Pray for victims, victims’ families, those in authority, and the perpetrators.

Do You Know Anyone Affected by an Issue? More than likely you do know someone affected by an issue. Unfortunately, someone in your church may be a victim or even a perpetrator. By paying attention to your surroundings and by keeping up with the news in your community you may realize that, yes, you do know of someone.

Awareness and Action • Study Scripture related to each issue.

• Gather information about the issues from news, newspapers, magazines, Internet, etc.

• Find out what laws exist in your state for an issue. These provide the necessary law enforcement support. If there is no law or it seems weak, take steps for change.

• Plan a prayerwalk in targeted areas of your community or city.

• Hold a Set1Free WorldCrafts party. More information

• Find appropriate ways to communicate the National Human Trafficking Hotline number (1-888-3737-888).

• Know where your children go and what they are doing on the computer.

• Open your church building for discussion groups on any of the issues. Invite an expert on the issue to speak.

• Express your concerns (in a caring, Christlike way) to companies and businesses who provide inappropriate programming, publish negative materials, or present negative images.

• Work with church youth and children’s leaders to provide education about respecting others and ways to keep children and students spiritually, morally, and physically safe.