Mission Personnel

Thank you for serving the Lord and being obedient to God’s calling on your life to serve through missions. There are several ways our office would like to stay connected with you while you serve.

  1. Prayer requests and updates: Please add our office to your prayer list. You can send your updates to mailto: women@bgco.org. We are very sensitive to those who are serving in secure areas. We will not print, forward or publish information.
  2. When you are serving stateside in Oklahoma: Our office receives ongoing requests from churches who would like to connect with you while you are on stateside assignment. Due to the challenging nature of obtaining information due to security reasons, we rely on you contacting our office about your availability for speaking engagements. Please contact mailto:women@bgco.org to let us know when you are in Oklahoma.
  3. If you have children: We love TCKs (Third Culture Kids). There are several ways we would like to minister to your children. If they are graduating from high school and plan to attend the annual MK Re-entry Retreat, please contact our office in regards to travel reimbursement. You may also contact our office in regards to endorsements for scholarships available through national WMU. If you have a child attending a university in Oklahoma, there are many churches who would love to “adopt” your child. Please contact our office if you would like to connect your child to a local congregation.