Today’s blog post was written by Hannah Slater. Hannah attends Oklahoma Baptist University and was a student in “Contemporary Issues for Women in Ministry.”

We all know the story of Jesus’ birth – the angels, the unplanned pregnancy, Mary, Joseph, the donkey, the overcrowded inn, the wise men and the frankincense. But what could Scripture mean when it says that Mary, the mother of the Savior of the world, treasured up and pondered all of these things in her heart?

When talking about this recently with a friend, she concluded that this meant Mary rested in solitude while communing with the Lord in the midst of this struggle. After all, she was a young girl, pregnant and unmarried. Walking by faith and believing what God said was going to come true. must have been a struggle for Mary.

What does this look like for us? How are we to treasure the things of God in our hearts as Mary did?

For me, it is treasuring rather than tweeting. Calling upon the Lord before calling up my best friend. Thinking before speaking.

I deeply envy Mary’s willingness to serve the Lord and seek Him above all else, but I also understand this is not an impossible task for me to achieve as well. Though I do not bear the Savior of the world in my womb, I do bear his Spirit in my soul. I have a helper, a confidante, who is above all a guide and friend to me. Living daily in this mindset allows me to truly treasure the struggles and thrills and worries and thoughts and joys within my heart, for that is where the very Savior lives!

Neither treasuring nor pondering fits within the vocabulary of the modern world in which we live – but talking it out, dwelling on it forever, or expressing it via the Internet sure do. This Christmas, may we be reminded of Mary’s example of a quiet spirit. May we seek the Lord above all else in spite of our fleeting feelings. May we discover what it truly means to ponder the treasures of the heart.

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