Over the next four weeks, guest bloggers will be featured. Each of them is a student at Oklahoma Baptist University and enrolled in the class, “Contemporary Issues for Women In Ministry.” Today’s post is by Janette King.

Self-worth and ministry. How do they correlate?

Women have a desire to be accepted and valued in their work. However, the world has influenced ladies and their self-worth. Appearance, economic status, education, and a job title are a few worldly influences I see impacting the way  women view themselves. When the world has control over a woman’s self-worth, she does not feel adequate. Thankfully, worldly worth does not have to be the standard measurement of a person’s value.

God gives genuine self-worth that speaks truth about one’s value and impacts one’s view of self. June Hunt, in her book “SELF-WORTH: DISCOVER Your God-Given Worth,” wrote on godly worth and how to develop it in ministry.

Hunt uses the acrostic, “worthy” to help women understand their worth in God.

Work on eliminating negative attitudes and beliefs.

Obtain a scriptural understanding of having love for yourself.

Refuse to compare yourself with others.

Thank God for His unconditional love for you.

Hope with full assurance in God’s promise to mold you to be more like Christ.

Yield your talents and abilities to helping others.

For godly self- worth one must have self-acceptance. Acceptance in a godly manner is rooted in finding one’s identity as being a child of God, created in His image, and for His glory. The realization that mistakes will happen and that expectations from everyone will not be met is also part of self-acceptance. Moving forward with an understanding of godly self-worth is to be evident in ministry.

In ministry, the goal is to further the Kingdom of God; however, with society and pressures from inside and outside the church, a firm foundation of self in Christ is beneficial to a purposeful ministry.

Hunt gives three aspects for self-worth to impact the vision of a ministry. First, “allow your mistreatment to be the making of your ministry.” She gives 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 as scriptural support. Secondly, “don’t be consumed with the negatives you have received from other.” Isaiah 43:18-19 is biblical encouragement for this point. Finally, Acts 20:35 is support for the third element which is “be consumed with the positives you have received from God- positives He will lead you to pass on to others” Living in godly self-worth enables a godly vision to impact other women in ministry.

When women accept their worth in Christ, the ministry will give hope and light to the dark world all around them.

Hunt, pg. 77-78 and 86-87. Photo credit: Shutterstock