Today’s prayer for you is this, “I pray you will have a responsible attitude in all your interpersonal relationships.”
This isn’t just about relationships with authorities, such as dad and me, or friendships. (although they are included) It’s basically how you relate to those you encounter each day. It’s the people God places in your path. You have a choice to either be a blessing to others or cause harm.
For instance, the other day I was in line at the grocery store. The young woman who was checking me out was in training. She had one arm that seemed a little disfigured and she was having some difficulty figuring out what kind of pepper I was buying. I really wasn’t in a hurry, but because she was still learning, it took her quite a bit of time to get me through the line. I had a choice in how I responded to that interaction. Would I be impatient? Would I give her an unfriendly remark? I honestly can say that I’ve messed up many times in this area, but for some reason, I just smiled and tried to encourage her.
Dad had a similar incident last week when he picked up a pizza. The person in front of him demanded to see the crust, complained that it was burned and huffed out of the store in exasperation. Dad decided when he got his pizza that he, too, would ask to check the crust. Timidly, the young girl showed him the pizza. Dad looked up at her and said, “That is the best pizza crust I’ve ever seen. I think this is the best pizza I’ve ever seen!” He knew that she had been beaten down and was trying to give this worker a reason to smile.
I hope you’ll consider your responsibility in regards to the way you interact with those you know–and even those whom God places in your path. Wouldn’t our world be a lot nicer if we lived each day with our attitudes in check?