I may have missed my “Monday with Mom” posting this week, but the following post is what I sent my kids. Not only is it my encouragement to them, but it’s written to encourage leaders who want to learn key principles from a life remembered.

Yesterday, I attended the funeral of Kent Humphreys. You may not know who he was, but you might be familiar with one of his brothers–Kirk, who was mayor of Oklahoma City for several years or Craig, who is sports broadcaster on the Sports Animal. I can’t say that I know either of them, but I definitely knew Kent.

Kent displayed some great qualities I’d like to pass along. Not only was I reminded of these at the funeral, but I was reminded of the times I spent with him and his wife, Davidene.

1) Kent showed leadership through humility, service and generosity. God blessed Kent financially through his business ventures, but he showed great humility, never flaunting or investing in wreckless ways. Instead, he used financial gain through generosity. One of the ways he showed this was by writing several books. Instead of selling them, he gave them away–always! I can’t remember a time he didn’t send me his newest book or donate hundreds to people he encountered at the places he spoke. I had to laugh when I arrived at the funeral yesterday because as people walked into the church, there were tables of his books. His instruction? Make sure everyone gets a free book that will encourage them in their walk with the Lord.

2) His walk with the Lord was seen in the way he lived, not just in the way he talked. One of his most popular books, “Show and Tell”, encourages believers to not just talk about Christ, but to live your faith each day. I can promise his passion to share the Gospel went way beyond most ministers I know. Kent was another kind of minister–a businessman who decided to take seriously the command for us to be salt and light in a dark world. What a great lesson for leaders of all professions. No matter what your “job” might be, you can be a great influence for Christ. You aren’t just a mom or women’s leader. You are a Christian mom or Christian women’s leader. There’s a difference when Christ affects and infects every facet of your life.

3) Kent loved his family. I saw how he treated his wife with great love and affection. I saw how he loved his son and two daughters, as well as his grandchildren. He would take them to their lake home at Eufaula and spend quality time with them. He laughed with them and reminded them often of his love for them. I love that Davidene had “grandma camp” each summer and I hope to someday have my own “grandma camp”.

4) Kent knew the power of investing in others and encouraging God-sized vision.¬†Over and over again, Kent knew the importance of investing in others and encouraging them to be the leaders God called them to be. I won’t forget the time he and Davidene took me to lunch. They encouraged me and shared their passion to minister to widows and women. My last email from him came in November and I printed it out yesterday after the funeral. He was excited about a new opportunity to develop a mission strategy with business leaders. His words, “be encouraged and be praying” was in typical Kent-fashion. I will cherish his words, “Think big and ask God for the open doors to change the thinking and heart of the tens of thousands in our pews who will be used by Him.”

How are you thinking big? How are you encouraging others? Most of all, how are you going to live today and show Christ through your words and your actions?