Dear Reader,
I’m beginning something new this morning that will be a little different than my normal posts. I considered creating a separate blog just for these posts, but decided it was just easier to incorporate them into this blog. Each Monday, I am writing a post to my children called “Mondays with Mom.” Because both of them are now out of the house, I wanted to stay connected to them and share personal thoughts and prayers each week. This is definitely an “inside” look into my personal life, but I hope you’ll be able to glean something encouraging from them.
  – Kelly

The Ways I’ve Prayed for You

When both of you were little, someone from BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) gave me a list of ways to pray for your children. I tucked it away in my Bible and read it several times. As I was cleaning out a drawer in the office last week, I ran across the list. I’m so thankful that I’ve seen so many of these prayers answered and I will continue to pray them over you—especially the ones that have yet to be answered. For the next few weeks, I’ll share at least one of the prayers from the list.

Pray that they will come to know Christ at an early age.

2 Timothy 3:15, “and how from infancy you have known the holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.”

Dad and I have been committed to make sure that you were exposed to scripture and God’s plan for salvation from the time you were born. I know that a lot of what you have learned about the Bible has come through church and BSF, but I hope you’ve seen and heard God’s word lived out in our home. I hope that you will have memories of us studying God’s word, singing songs about Christ in the car and praying often.

Because of your consistent exposure to the Gospel, this prayer was answered for us when you were both really young. When you asked Christ to come into your life, I hope that it was a natural decision out of a desire to follow Him with your whole heart. Conner, I remember when you wanted to ask Christ into your life, I wanted to make sure you knew exactly what you were doing. I wanted you to have full understanding and never question your salvation. I shared this with a friend from church and I will never forget what she said, “Just because he makes a decision now, does that mean you are finished teaching him about Jesus? And if he doubts his salvation later and decides he needs to confirm his commitment, isn’t that o.k.?” I learned in that moment to trust Christ with both of your lives and allow Him to do the work in your hearts.

And who can forget my reaction when Courtney prayed to receive Christ when I was out of town? I was sure  I would receive the “worst mom of the year” award and you would never forgive me for not being present for the most important decision of your life! Now I realize the huge blessing you received because your dad was the one who led you through that process! How many people can share that their father was that kind of spiritual leader? That’s definitely something you can begin praying for your children.

I’m grateful for both of your salvation decisions. I’m grateful that I can trust the Lord to watch over you when I can’t. You’re in much better hands with Christ than you will ever be in my hands. I can rest that no matter what happens, I will get to spend eternity with both of you. What a comfort and promise!