I know it’s been a few weeks since I’ve written on our blog, but today is my first day in the office after attending this year’s Southern Baptist Convention and taking a little time off. While I’ve been gone, our office received a few of the new items we will be giving women this fall on our Twenty Town Tour (much more on this later!)

I wanted to give you a sneak peek at a new look we are using for our office. No longer will we be the Women’s Missions and Ministries Office. We want you to know us simply as “BGCO Women.” Why? First, we represent our state convention–a convention that consists of more than 1,800 congregations around our state. Our office represents you and your church! You’ll see this look in the coming months as we make changes to this blog, our promotional materials and much more.

Second, we represent the women of our state. Not just women’s ministry leaders. Not just missions leaders. But all women. Women of all ages. Women in all stages of their life.

Finally, we’ve shortened our tagline. We’ve reduced it to the three words that encompass our purpose statement. These three words are what are office is about. Encourage. Embrace. Echo. We’re here to encourage you as a leader. We’re here to help you embrace Christ and His invitation to follow Him. We’re here to help you echo God’s heart for the world.

BGCO Women. Encourage. Embrace. Echo. And, by the way, do you like our new color? We think turquoise looks good on every woman–including our office.