If you told me six years ago that I would be excited about an NBA team, I probably would have thought you were crazy. If you would have told me that Oklahoma City’s favorite hero was a former University of Texas player, I would have thought you were even crazier.

But tonight the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team, led by Kevin Durant, has made Oklahomans crazy for professional basketball.

Tonight could possibly be the greatest night for Oklahoma sports history if the OKC Thunder win and advance to the NBA finals. Whether you are at work or at the grocery store, this basketball team is a topic of conversation.

That’s why Oklahoma Baptists are using this opportunity to focus on turning a basketball conversation into a spiritual conversation. How? Ask someone the question, “Do you believe the Thunder are going to win the NBA Championship?” Whether they do or not, you can continue by asking, “I believe in the Thunder team. But I also believe in something that’s much more important than basketball. I believe that having a relationship with Christ is the greatest decision a person can make, both for this life and for eternal life. How about you?” Using a simple, “I believe” phrase,¬†can lead your conversation into an opportunity to share Christ.

Need more help? You and your church can encourage others to distribute player cards with “I believe” and a Gospel presentation to those in your circle of friends. Today I had several “I believe” stickers and distributed them to people we came in contact with. The materials will lead your friends to this website that will present the Gospel in a very clear way. You can obtain materials by contacting Capital Baptist Association or Union Association.

On another note, some of us had a blast putting out Thunder shirts for tonight’s game. While we placed t-shirts on the chairs, we prayed for those who will fill the arena tonight. We prayed for each person’s relationship with Christ. We prayed for our city to be a light for the world to see. Yep. We are crazy for our team. But we’re even crazier about sharing¬†Jesus with those who need Him.