Today’s post is by Beth McClain. Beth serves as the Women’s Ministry Director at Henderson Hills Baptist Church in Edmond. She also serves on the BGCO state leadership team.

Recently, my 17-year-old daughter was diagnosed with a back injury so severe that her ability to drive and walk was nearly impossible. This injury was something that came on suddenly and was a total surprise to us all. After many months of tests, doctor visits, more tests, medications, medical procedures and countless hours of prayer, God reminded me that no matter how much I try to fix and control things, He is the one true healer and I needed to surrender her to Him. I was tired, weary, and too depleted to do anything but be obedient. I released her to the Lord. 

Looking back, I realize how thankful I am for His patience, His grace and His love for us when we are human. As God allows affliction into our lives and to those around us, He desires for us to surrender, prepare and obey. It doesn’t matter what the situation is or how bad the circumstance, He still has the desire for us to be at His feet and allow Him to take control, regardless of how we think or feel. 

Romans 12:12 reminds us that we are to rejoice, be patient, and pray. We are commanded to rejoice in all circumstances, we are to be patient as we suffer in our tribulations and we are to be doing so with prayer. Through His daily joy and peace, we have the hope needed to survive  the suffering for that day or moment. 

How are you suffering today? Maybe it’s a conflict with a friend or relative, a deadline with your job or maybe He’s calling you to do something you think is impossible in ministry. Allow yourself to surrender….all the while with hope, patience, and prayer.  He will take it from there!   

Psalms 33:20-21 says to “wait for the Lord; he is our help and our shield. For our heart is glad in him, because we trust in His holy name.” As wives, moms and leaders, it is difficult to let go and allow God full control. But as we are obedient and patient, He is glorified. What an honor it is to serve a God who expects nothing less from us!