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I am going to say something so basic it’s almost embarrassing, except that I have discovered that it is lacking in women all over the world.

If you want power in your life, in your church and in your ministry, you have to pray.

Prayer is not an option if you want something to happen in your life and the lives of the women you lead. Prayer is the secret to every anointing. It unleashes God’s activity.

 The kind of prayer necessary for spiritual impact, is the kind that wears you out. It isn’t just sweet whispers before going to bed and grace before a meal. Those are nice, but they won’t change your world!

 Friends, if God has given you the privilege of leading, don’t drop the ball by neglecting serious prayer. He is listening for you and ready to bless. 

 Here is an intentional, strategic plan:

 1) Start every day alone on your knees (if physically able) before God. That’s where you pour out your personal needs, thoughts, and feelings. Get all of that out with Him before engaging with others. No power will go out in your public ministry that hasn’t started in your private place.

 2) Ask a few trusted, praying friends to be your inner prayer circle. These are ones you already know well and with whom you can comfortably share. Touch base regularly through email, text, Facebook or a phone call. They will pray with you over anything. It’s amazing how encouraging and strengthening that is!

 3) Assemble a prayer group at church, or within the women’s ministry where you serve. This could be between 5-10 women, who are faithful, available and invested in the ministry. Set up bi-weekly or monthly prayer times where you specifically cover ministry needs, desires and dreams. Communicate to them that this is a vital part of the ministry.

 4) On your own, with a friend, or in a group, go through Jennifer Kennedy Dean’s “Live a Praying Life” or read Mark Batterson’s “The Circle Maker.”

 If you faithfully and consistently do those four things, God will blow the doors off your life and ministry. Hold on!