A couple of weeks ago I had lunch with a young woman who grew up in the student ministry where I have served for many years. I have watched Callie develop from an eighth grade superstar softball player to short-term missionary to serving on staff at one of the metro churches here in Oklahoma City. Our lunch was a reminder of the importance of investing in young women and hearing their desire to echo God’s heart for the world.

Callie is a part of an upcoming event that will be held in Oklahoma City this Sunday that I’m extremely excited to share. The event is called “Marked” and it will be held at the Farmers Public Market from 1-8 p.m. Marked is an annual event designed to provide education and inspiration that mobilizes the church to care for marginalized women all over the world. The organizers of the event believe that no woman should be marked by statistics of fear, torture or slavery; but be marked by love, hope and a future. They also believe that the church should lead the way in bringing this freedom to all women.

During the day, there are four educational tracks related to these issues. They include:

Health: Maternal/Reproductive Health & Clean Water Initiatives
Human Trafficking: International Trafficking & Domestic Trafficking
Empowerment: Education & Economic Empowerment
Women in Oklahoma: Incerceration of Women & Single Mothers

This special event will also include interactive experiences related to these areas as well as nonprofit organizations who are making a difference in these areas. There will be an ethnic food cafe, a fair trade market and an interactive prayer room. The cost is $5 per person. They can be purchased at the door or online at www.markedokc.com. The event is being sponsored by The Spero Project, Backpacks with a Purpose and The Sing. Our office hopes that we can partner with the Marked event in the future, but we’re encouraging women (and men!) to take time to check it out this Sunday!