It’s November. A month where most of our thoughts turn towards Thanksgiving and the upcoming rush of Christmas mayhem. It’s easy to want to push the fast forward button on the calendar, especially when our office is preparing our final event. Why? While it’s one of our favorite events, it’s often overlooked. We can’t always publish the names or photos of our speakers because of where they serve. The event is on a Monday afternoon–not necessarily convenient for the masses. But  if you miss this event, you will miss hearing from amazing Oklahomans who are living out Acts 1:8.  

One of those is Taylor Field. A native of Enid, Field serves Southern Baptists as a North American Missionary in New York. He is the pastor of East Seventh Baptist Church-Graffiti in Lower Manhattan. Taylor will be the keynote speaker for this year’s Missions and Ministries Celebration.

I first heard Taylor at a conference at Ridgecrest. I had never heard of his ministry and wouldn’t have known about his Oklahoma roots had he not mentioned them. (there’s always a source of pride when featured missionaries are from your home state). What most impressed me was his passion to reach people who are often seen as outcasts. He and his wife have served in this area for almost 25 years, including being just blocks away from the World Trade Center attacks of 9/11.

Taylor onced described his neighborhood looking like Sesame Street. But the people are not named Elmo and Oscar. Rather, it is a block that includes homeless Tommy and Luis the pusher. Taylor described his call to this area to Leadership Journal, “The duty of delight has meant raising my two sons in an environment some people would flee if they had the money. This duty has meant confronting the dealers, embracing the users, feeding the homeless by the hundreds and growing to call a small church of the poverty stricken, who are often angry and sometimes violent, family–all in the name of Christ. ”

If you want to hear Taylor, I encourage you to attend this year’s Missions and Ministries Celebration on Monday, November 14 from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. in the East Conference Center at First Baptist, Moore. There’s no cost to attend, but the encouragement you’ll get to live out your calling will be priceless. 

Click on the following link and get a glimpse of how this church is impacting New York.