Our office is packing up for one of our most anticipated events of the year–SWEET Experience. We started our SWEET events six years ago and they have become one of our favorite ways to meet women and equip them for ministry. This year we’ve taken it to a completely different level–complete with lots of missional experiences women can learn and take back to their community and church. We can’t wait.

As we finish details on our end, it reminded me that some of the most important things in women’s ministry never make it to the headlines. They are the things you “expect” but may not consider as part of leadership development. What are they?

Nametags, signs and little details. We have a joke in our office that when we’ve spent too much time on a nametag design, we often remind ourselves, “It’s a nametag.” But, we also know that those minor considerations can add the final touch to your planning and eye for making everything say, “We thought about you when we put this event together.”

We also spend a lot of time making tons of signage. It’s another favorite joke around our office. We have a love affair with the laminator. But seriously, signs are something you may not consider important. But they are.¬† Next time you go to church, pretend it’s your first time and you have no idea where things are. Is there adequate signage? Is your facility friendly to strangers?

And other details. Yep. We’ve thought of it all. We have water bottles with SWEET labels. We have cotton candy with stickers about our event. We even have Cracker Jacks that will be given out when women leave our event that say, “We hope you had a SWEET Experience.” We’ve made red-striped vests for our leadership team and I don’t want to give away my special secret, but suffice it to say, I will be pulling some fun things out of my Ringmaster¬†“hat” at the end of the event.

So today’s tip for leaders is think through the details. Women know when you’ve taken the time to care.

P.S. If you still want to attend the event, we have room for a few more. You can register on-site Saturday morning at FBC Moore. Details at www.bgco.org/women.