SMO 2011 Church Planting-Vimeo HD from BGCO on Vimeo.

Each year our office has the  privilege of educating Oklahoma Baptists about the wonderful work accomplished through their gifts to the Oklahoma State Missions Offering. While most people tend to perceive our office as only working with women, at this time of year we get a birds-eye view of several ways God is at work around our state.

One of the joys I encounter is being on location during the filming of the videos we produce each year. This year was no exception. Today I’ve embedded one video which shares the impact of church planting in our state.

Many people ask the question, “Why does Oklahoma need more churches?” Good question. It might seem there is a Baptist church on every corner. But the fact of the matter is that there are still a million Oklahomans who aren’t associated with any church. There is a growing need for Hispanic churches (the latest census reported that Oklahoma Hispanics have increased 85% in the last ten years).

For pastor Ernie Tullis, his calling to begin a church came from God’s prompting to go back to the neighborhood where he was raised.

What Tullis found was a neighborhood of high poverty, drugs and crime. A talented musician, Tullis began the process of working with the BGCO to begin a new church by being the church to this community. In just over a year, Tri-church meets at a local elementary, runs around 80 people each week and most importantly, they are seeing lives transformed with the Gospel.

Now is the time for your church to begin ordering their complimentary State Mission Offering supplies. Order online here and begin promoting the offer this fall in your church.