Oklahoma knows the wrath of tornadoes. But, last week, the southeast experienced the fury of wind and destruction that took more than 300 lives. I’m always shocked by the post-tornado photos and video showing damaged communities and disaster-stricken neighborhoods.

Although those images are hard to watch, I’m confident of  the way the faith community responds in times of disaster. I’m never more proud to be a Southern Baptist when I see Disaster Relief teams mobilized within hours of natural disasters. Whether they are feeding people, cleaning up debris, or praying for a family, these volunteers are genuinely the hands and feet of Christ.

I know many people are wondering how they can help. You may be one. Most of us will not be asked to travel to disaster areas. But you can make a difference. Here are a few ways you can help victims:

1) Give to Southern Baptist Disaster Relief. You can do this by making a contribution through your Southern Baptist State Convention or through the North American Mission Board. You can be confident that every dollar you give will go directly to help those in need. For more information, visit the BGCO website or the NAMB website.

2) My friend, Mitzi Eaker, formerly worked for national Woman’s Missionary Union as a Children’s Missions Consultant in Birmingham, AL. You can visit Mitzi’s website and find ways to directly help children who have been impacted by the storms.

3) You can pray for Disaster Relief volunteers. Pray for opportunities to share the love of Christ with those who find themselves dealing with loss of life and possessions.

4) Pray for churches whose buildings have been damaged or demolished. While the church is not a building, these congregations and communities of faith will have a long process of rebuilding the facility in which they met.

5) You can also give to WMU’s HEART Fund. Grants and money are distributed to organizations who respond to natural disasters.