Today I’m working on the program for the upcoming Oklahoma Ladies’ Retreat at Falls Creek. As I’ve been working through the logistics of the weekend, I’ve been struck with the tremendous variety and opportunities for women during these two days. While sometimes we tend to focus on the “big” general sessions and speakers, I want to share with you some of the special options women will have:

The Green Collection: On Friday, women will have the opportunity to hear a seminar from Lauren McAfee and Joy Carroll, curators of The Green Collection. This traveling exhibit of Biblical artifacts, ancient Bibles and scrolls are treasures and part of the history of how we obtained the Bible we so richly read today. This collection is owned by Hobby Lobby stores based in Oklahoma City, and we are tremendously grateful for their participation.

The Prayer Room Experience: One of the decision rooms in the Tabernacle will be dedicated to an area where women can pray. We are so appreciative of Zane and Kandy Newton for setting up their prayer experience and ministering to women through intercession.

Recreation Activities: We know how hard it is to sit in the room and listen for several hours. So, we’ve designed the retreat with some recreational options. On Friday afternoon, the low ropes course will be open for individuals as well as groups to explore. From 3 to 5:30 p.m., we are setting up  Scouting the Divine Discovery Stations. These stations will have hands on activities to learn more about the agrarian theme keynote speaker Margaret Feinberg used in her Bible study, “Scouting the Divine.” And, finally, for those women who want to get a little more exercise, we’re offering an aerobics class on Saturday morning at 7 a.m. This will be a 30-minute low impact class that will begin your day on the right foot!

Friday Seminars: We have several great Bible teachers who will be teaching seminars during the day on Friday. These seminars are coming straight from scripture and feature some of the best teachers Oklahoma has to offer. We’ve even added a special seminar for women’s ministry leaders with Margaret Feinberg. She will be speaking on “The 10 Biggest Mistakes in Women’s Ministry.”

My head is spinning with all the great options women have! To register and get the early bird discount, make sure to register before new Monday at our retreat website. Like I said, this is NOT your ordinary women’s event!