Here’s a final day of ministry ideas from my friend Sheryl Porter. Thanks Sheryl for allowing me to post these!

Community/Small Groups Progressive Dinner:
Once a year plan a progressive dinner with the other ministries in your community. Participate with at least two other churches and remember to plan several months in advance. Serve a different course at each church: appetizers, salad, main course and dessert. As you plan, pick a date, choose a menu, decide who serves what and plan a devotion time. Have ice breaker questions ready for women to get to know each other.

Be creative in your advertising. Remember to use disposable items so the clean up is easy. Encourage each church to decorate creatively. Arrange seating so women will have to mingle. At each location, encourage women to sit by different people. Have questions on the table as discussion starters. End the night with a short devotion and closing prayer.

Marriage 101/Bridal Fair:

Host an annual event to celebrate new marriages (instead of individual showers) Once a year, invite engaged women, newly married women and their mothers (and mother-in-laws) to this all day Saturday event. Open with prayer and worship.

Invite the attendees to go to small breakout sessions on running a household, budgets and debt, decorating, cooking, praying with and for their husbands, dealing with relatives and blended families. All of the classes should include group discussion and prayer. Encourage handouts.

End the afternoon with typical bridal shower cake, mixed nuts, mints and punch.

Spring Gardening Seminar:
Contact a local gardening shop and see if she will give a short talk on seasonal ideas for potting containers. Have a gardener share a devotion on how God created the earth to give us pleasure and reflect His love for us. Have supplies for everyone to assemble a garden container they get to take home.

Missional thought: Give the garden containers to some of the shut-ins in your church or people in your church who are not able to plant a garden any more.