Here’s a continuation of some ideas you can use in your women’s ministry from my friend Sheryl Porter. Enjoy!

Bath Sundaes

Make these “bath sundaes” to sell as a fundraiser or to give as door prizes.

For each woman, you’ll need: ice cream parfait glass, 2/3 cup bath salts, zip lock bag, nylon net bath pouf, bath oil ball, cellophane or clear gift wrap, ribbon.

Place the bath salts in the plastic bag, squish out the air and close the bag. Put the bag in the bottom of the parfait glass. Place the bath pouf on top so the string is on the underside. Place the bath oil ball on top of the bath pouf to represent the cherry. Place the glass on a sheet of cellophane. Bring the cellophane up around the bath sundae and wrap the sundae tightly enough that the pouf and the bath ball don’t fall off. Tie with a pretty ribbon.

Holiday Homes Tour:

Set up a tour of homes belonging to the women in your ministry. Ask several women who enjoy decorating for the holidays to open their homes for the tour. Encourage the women to include decorations that point to their faith in Christ. You may want to have an overall theme for the tour.

The hostess and helpers become living witnesses of God’s grace and love through their gracious welcome of others into their homes. Encourage hostesses to provide some sort of light refreshment, such as cider and cookie tray.

Note: Missional ideas: Charge a ticket price and donate the funds to the Lottie Moon Christmas offering or other organization who has needs during the holidays. Use this idea as an evangelism tool for reaching women who might not come to events inside your church facility.

Journal in a Jar:

Supplies: quart size canning jar, a blank journal, a pretty pen, a square of fabric, pretty ribbon that coordinates with the fabric and a list of questions. Type or write out the questions and cut them into strips.

Place the questions inside the jar. Cut the fabric slightly bigger than the diameter of the jar’s mouth. Put the fabric over the lid and screw on the ring. Use the ribbon to tie the jar and the journal together and attach an appropriate tag with the words Journal in a Jar and your women’s ministry name.

Ornaments of Praise:

Decorate tables with red and green tablecloths. Use clear bowls or cake plates piled high with glass Christmas ornaments as the centerpieces. Place a Christmas tree at the front of the room. Ask each woman to bring an ornament for a gift exchange. Have women hang ornaments on the tree. Have the speaker talk about how our praise honors God in the same way that ornaments grace a tree. Have the women draw numbers and take turns choosing an ornament from the tree.