This past weekend I had the opportunity to teach at the Texas Women’s Forum in the Houston area. One of the breakouts was on “Cracking Creativity” and I had several ideas to share from my friend Sheryl Porter. Because our time ran out, I told the ladies I would post some of the ideas on my blog today. Hopefully you’ll get a few good ideas as well. (Thank you Sheryl–my Queen Bee of creativity!)

1. Little White/Clear Christmas Lights

Keep these lights out all year long. They add light to a dark corner at an event and can light a path outside for night time events.

2. Pass the Prayers, Please: (groups no larger than 10)

Hand out paper and pens. Ask each woman to write her name at the top of a sheet of paper. Then have the women pass the papers to their right. Ask each woman to write a sentence prayer for the woman whose paper she now has. Have the women pass the papers once more to the right and write a prayer for the next woman. Continue to pass the papers until each woman has her own back. Give women a few minutes to read those prayers.

3. Apple Pie Anyone?

Offer a class on basic pie making to the women of your church. Ask an older woman (or 2) who are known for her scrumptious baking to teach the class. You may want to keep the class to five if you have it in a home. Make sure to gather enough rolling pins, pie tins, mixing bowls and pie ingredients for all the women. Take time for women to learn how to make the pies and while the pies are cooking and the kitchen is cleaned, allow women time to chat and get to know one another. Present a devotion about being the apple of God’s eye.

4. Basket Exchange

Almost every woman has a basket at home. As a special gift exchange, suggest that women find a basket and put a gift inside that would be suitable for any woman. Note: Put a spending limit of $5 on the gift. When the women arrive at the event, put a numbered sticky dot onĀ  each basket. Place all the baskets at the front of the room. Pass a basket so that women can draw a number. After they find their basket, they can bring it back to their table and those baskets become the centerpiece for the table. Note: You may want to have a piece of fabric or tulle on the table just to add some color and flair. You can also do this with purses instead of baskets. If you want to make this a missional project, donate baskets to a local school as a teacher appreciation gift.

Tomorrow I’ll post three or four more ideas you can use!