If are living under a rock or have no idea why you are seeing red today, let me quickly remind you today is Valentine’s Day. So, how are you celebrating?

Vic and I gave up a long time ago on going out on the actual day of Valentine’s. We decided the long lines and poor service you usually get just didn’t meet our expectations of a romantic dinner. And, believe it or not, throughout our courtship, we never once went to a movie in a theatre. (I will admit there were several VHS showings we enjoyed) We just always felt communication didn’t happen while staring ahead at a screen and not each other! (that was the sappy part of this post)

All in all, Valentine’s in our marriage is a little about give and take. At least that’s what we experienced this weekend.

We actually made a plan to go to the theatre Friday evening (pre-Valentine’s date). Vic wanted to see “True Grit”. I actually wanted to see it as well. (you are probably thinking–seriously–“True Grit” came out over Christmas. Didn’t I tell you we were a little slow at the movie theatre thing?) Honestly, Vic had seen the movie with our son while I was out of town and couldn’t wait to see it again. Believe me, it must be some kind of movie when he will spend $9 to see it TWICE! So, we went. After it was over, he beamed, “Wasn’t that the greatest movie?”

Here’s where my honesty got me in trouble. “Yeah. It was o.k.”

True words. Truly meant. I thought the acting was great. I would rather see Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, but hey–it’s Matt Damon. But as we talked about the movie, I realized it just didn’t have the happy ending I love. The girl grew up to be an unhappy spinster without an arm and Rooster was dead. So sorry to ruin the movie for you. But that’s how I felt.

The next night we found ourselves curled up on the couch. I had watched “True Grit.” But tonight was my turn. As I flipped through the channels, there it was — “Pride and Prejudice”. The chick flick movie to end all chick flick movies. And guess what? My sweet Valentine, although he grimmaced, shared the couch with me and endured the next few hours of Jane Austen romance.

I don’t know about you, but that’s a good Valentine–someone who’s willing to put aside their personal preferences and just share each other’s presence. I’m so glad to have a husband who knows my love language is quality time, even if it means watching a movie he’d rather sleep through (although he doesn’t complain about Keira Knightley)

But even though I love my Valentine, there’s one example of love that outdoes them all. He’s a Valentine who humbled Himself, became a man, died on a cross and conquered death. If marriages today could reflect just an inkling of Christ’s humility and sacrifice, I think we’d see fewer divorces. I think we’d see husbands who love their brides as Christ loves the church. I think we’d see women who respond to their husbands with greater respect and affection.

Curl up with the one you love today. And, even if it’s “True Grit”, enjoy the company of who you’re with. And if you don’t have a Valentine, curl up with God’s greatest love letter–His word. Let Him shower you with His love today.