Like most of you in Oklahoma, our offices are closed due to the snow. We’re enjoying a “snow day” at home, but I couldn’t help but list a few reasons why your women’s group should come this year to the Oklahoma Ladies’ Retreat. The early deadline is March 15, so you’ve got about six weeks to get the best price!

10. It’s a great opportunity to build community among the women in your church. There’s nothing that says “bonding” like staying at a Falls Creek Cabin and sleeping on a bunk bed.

9. Three opportunities to go to a breakout seminar this year! We’ve heard from you–more breakouts! So this year you’ll have the opportunity to hear three seminars based entirely on scripture passages. No cutesy titles, just women who are passionate about teaching God’s word. These women are some of Oklahoma’s best teachers, including popular news personality Robin Marsh and former Miss America, Lauren Nelson.

8. The Green Collection! During the day on Friday, attendees will have the opportunity to use one of their seminar times to visit the Chapel and see a traveling exhibit of biblical artifacts, ancient scrolls and Bibles dating back to the time of the printing press. Hobby Lobby has been acquiring these items for their new Bible museum and you have one of the first opportunities to see some incredible history.

7. Amazing food! Just think–three meals you do not have to cook for yourself or your family! I can’t imagine cooking for 2,000 women, but Adventures in Catering is always up to the challenge. (hint–we’re bringing back the ever popular sopapillas!)

6. Concert with Jami Smith! Jami’s newest CD, Verse, is taken right off the pages of scripture and each participant will receive a free copy of the CD. Her concert of “Verse”, will be performed on Friday evening after the general session.

5. Special Ministry Wives Track! If you’re a woman who is married to someone in the ministry (pastor, worship leader, youth leader, etc.), we are inviting you to attend two special afternoon seminars geared especially for you. To top it off, Thomas and Jessica Thompson, will be speaking at a special dinner for this group on Friday evening.

4. Super Seminar on Saturday morning! Speaking of Thomas Thompson, he will be leading a Super Seminar on Saturday morning that will focus on the authenticity of God’s word and why it’s important for us to understand how we have the Bible of today.

3. Incredible general sessions! Margaret Feinberg, author of “Scouting the Divine”, will be our keynote speaker during the Friday evening and Saturday morning general sessions. Margaret is known as one of the top communicators in the country and you will learned incredible truths from God’s word during these times. She is also the author of “Sacred Echo” and “Organic God.”

2. Great value and price! While we know you have lots of choices when it comes to women’s events, if you sign up by March 15, the price is only $65. This includes your lodging, food and program.

1. The number one reason for you to attend this year’s Oklahoma Ladies’ Retreat is because every woman should have the opportunity to pull back from her regular routine and hear a fresh word from the Lord.

The dates are April 15-16. For more information and registration information, visit our website.