Tonight my husband and I are headed out to our annual youth worker Christmas party. We love getting to serve with these wonderful people and it has caused me to think about the importance of not just making memories with your children, but the community of faith in which you are involved.

If you’re married, I can’t stress the importance of building friendships with Godly couple who will laugh with you, grow old with you and even struggle with you. Community is a buzzword among churches today, but it is actually a foundational truth born out of creation. God desired community with man. And He gave man a woman to share in that relationship. He gave us each other. Don’t neglect the spiritual significance of building community in your life, your marriage and in your family.

So, don’t forget about making memories with special friends in your life during this season. Whether it’s playing Dirty Santa or eating too many sausage balls and sugar cookies, make special memories and live in community with others who will cheer you on in your journey with the Lord.