If my only job was to blog, I would be a happy girl! But, alas, the past week has been full of meetings and a trip to Nashville. But–I’m back and hopefully I’ll add a few more posts before December 25 arrives.

Christmas Memory Books

For years I protested against scrapbooking. I am a bit of a purist when it comes to photography and I did not want to “junk” up my photos by cutting them into cute shapes and adding stickers. But, when I gave in, I gave in pretty hard. Scrapbooking was therapy for me. It was a creative outlet that gave me great personal satisfaction. My annual albums that are completed are wonderful ways for me to tell my family story.

But what about Christmas?

Some people will make scrapbooks dedicated to just Christmas. Because mine were more of a “yearly” journey, Christmas was just incorporated into my books. But, I have done a couple of things to preserve the Christmas memories of my family.

First, my sister-in-law purchased a Christmas Memory book for me one Christmas. I’ve just about completed the 15 years that are allotted in the book. It’s fun to relive some of the ways we have celebrated over the years. It’s a simple book that helps you write down specific memories, visits and a place for an annual Christmas family photo. I’ve enjoyed looking back at some of our Christmas letters we’ve sent to friends and it’s a quick way for me to be reminded of the Christmases our family has shared.

Second, you may be like me and receive a lot of photo Christmas cards from family and friends. I adore photo cards and it pains me to think about throwing them away. So, here’s a couple of ideas to preserve those memories. You can put all of the cards in a basket and place them on your dining room table. During the month of January (or however long it might take), choose a card from the basket before you pray over your meal. Pray for the specific family on the card. The other thing you can do is buy inexpensive Christmas photo albums post-Christmas (I usually wait until they are 75% off) and then I quickly store all the photo cards in albums. I have about five albums filled with these photo Christmas cards and I only get them out at Christmas. It’s fun to see the changes in families over the years. (by the way–I’m kind of a stickler on photo cards. I think it should include the whole family and not just the kids! I don’t care how much weight you’ve gained–I want to see your family!)

So, make some photo memories this Christmas or journal your thoughts. You’re creating a history book that will be treasured for years to come.