A Birthday Cake for Jesus

My mom was the one who always made this a Christmas tradition for my kids. I’m kind of a “pie and cookie” girl, but I think helping our children celebrate the reason for the season is the most important tradition we can instill.

I “googled” how other people make birthday cakes for Jesus and was just a little overwhelmed! Many of them had elaborate symbolism for each part of the cake. That’s great, but the picture I found looks a lot more like the cakes my kids made. Why? Because letting your kids “make” the cake is part of the fun!

Here’s a couple of ideas you can incorporate in your decorations that will emphasize the birth of Christ.

1. Make sure you have candles because Jesus is the light of the world. What’s a birthday cake without candles? Some people choose to place 12 candles on the cake to represent the fact that Jesus should shine in our lives every month of the year. (not to mention there were 12 disciples and 12 tribes of Israel–but that might be a bit too much). Some people even choose red candles to symbolize the blood of Christ that was shed for our sin.

2. Add either a plastic angel or plastic nativity scene on top. Remind your children of the ways they like to celebrate their own birthday and that this time of the year we celebrate the birth of Christ.

Finally, don’t forget to sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus, blow out the candles¬†and eat cake!