IMG_7794School started today. I always have such bittersweet thoughts each year as I send my children off to a world of pre-calculus, environmental science and U.S. History. And while my youngest is a junior in high school and my oldest is a sophomore in college, it doesn’t mean I don’t get a little teary-eyed.

Because the first day of school is a marker of time. If you’re a mom of school-aged children, you are probably like me. There is always the “first day of school” photo. For me, it just happened to be of Courtney getting ready to hop in her little Volkswagen bug this morning. What happened to the day when we walked down the street hand-in-hand anxious about meeting the new teacher and discovering who would be in her class?

So, I get teared up thinking I only have two more years to do this. (and since we went through the ritual this morning, I actually only have one more year!) I also got a little teary this week when my son took our 17-year–old living room furniture and hauled it into the rental house that he is sharing with four other friends. (although I was not teary about getting rid of the furniture!)

I know I’m not alone. Today (or somewhere close to today) moms around the world will be sending their little ones (and big ones) off to school. It might just be one of those “times to weep.” But it’s also a time to laugh. It’s a time of joy to see them maturing not only physically, socially and emotionally, but maturing spiritually. It’s a time to begin seeing how your children are applying  Biblical principles in their life, struggling with spiritual questions and expressing their desire to make their world better because of the Gospel.

So, to all you moms out there: take a moment to reflect on the past, but rejoice in what you have instilled in the hearts of your children. They might just rise up someday and called you blessed!