Many of you know that for the past year God has been opening my eyes to the tragedy of human trafficking–especially here in Oklahoma. While I would love to make the problem go away quickly, I have honestly struggled with the “next steps” and how to make a difference. While I’m still wrestling through the issue, I know that for many people, the issue is not even on their radar. So education is a must.

Our office partners with national Woman’s Missionary Union, an organization that a lot of churches have put aside or consider “outdated.” But the more I’m involved with WMU, the more I believe there is no other organization that is “on target” with developing missional churches. For the next two years, WMU is tackling the issue of educating churches about the critical issue of human trafficking and human exploitation. I can think of no other organization affiliated within the SBC that is even attempting to address the issue, must less work towards freeing women in other countries through World Crafts and their Set1Free initiative. They are addressing the issue in their publications and I urge your women’s group to discover how they can use WMU resources to take the next step towards impacting human trafficking.

The following video was shown last week at the national WMU Celebration. While it was not produced by WMU, it is a poignant reminder that there are women and children who are enslaved every minute–around the world and even in your own community. Please feel free to share this video and help spread the message. Let’s not talk about being a missional church. Let’s do it.

BEAUTIFUL SLAVE Song About Child Slavery And Human Trafficking TAKE NO GLORY from Take No Glory on Vimeo.