lone_ranger_maskI guess I must be bored tonight. Why? I actually started cleaning out some cabinets in my home office. Yep, the kids are gone and the only thing on television is The Bachelorette. (oh how I could go on and on about that one!)

So, as I started cleaning out the drawers that hold random photos, copies of writing contracts and leftover Christmas stationary, I found one of my favorite teaching props. It needs little explanation. The moment I place it on my face, there is an immediate connection. And I think it cost me less than a dollar to purchase. But if I didn’t have it as a reminder, it would cost me a lot more.

What is it? It’s a little black “Lone Ranger” mask. You know, the Lone Ranger. The cowboy hero with his famous horse, Silver. And why do I own one? Because it’s my reminder that ministry is NOT meant to be done alone.

As a women’s ministry leader, do you often find yourself doing everything? Are you dreaming up the ideas for ministry and then executing the details? If so, you might be wearing my Lone Ranger mask. But if you’re developing a team who will help you pray and seek God’s will for your ministry, then hopefully you’ve found a healthy balance of leadership and collaboration.

Teams don’t always mean that execution is easier. In fact, it’s really not. If I sat in my office and made all the decisions, I could get a lot of things crossed off my “to do” list more quickly. But, because I value the input of others, sometimes there is give and take, hard discussions and creative minds focused on kingdom results. We spend time praying, creating, debating and making decisions together that I believe deliver a better outcome. And the best part is that my team has an investment in the ministry we are working on together.

In fact, I think Jesus had a similar team. They were called the 12 disciples. And while Jesus could have accomplished His purpose without them, I’m glad He chose to use them and continues to use us to reach our world for Christ.

So, no more Lone Rangers. Let’s do ministry together.