Father’s Day is quickly approaching and I’ve had a lot of time this past week to think about the love between a woman and her daddy.

That’s right–Daddy. That special connection between all the little girls who have twirled in dresses and the men who will still check her oil and hold her heart in the palm of their hand. Father just seems a little formal for their special upcoming day. Instead, Daddy just seems a little more fitting.

You see, this past week, I’ve gotten to spend a lot of time with my Daddy. And I wish I could tell you IMG_6341we went on vacation together or even played golf together (one of those special things my dad has taught me). But, instead, I spent a lot of time sitting next to my dad in the hospital.

It was just a week ago my mom, sister and I convinced dad things didn’t seem quite right. He was just a couple of weeks away from having heart surgery, but something else was going on. It didn’t take long for doctors to discover two blood clots putting pressure on his brain. I’m glad to say surgery was successful and after a week in the hospital, he’s now home and recuperating.

But the time in the hospital gave me some time to really think about dads and their daughters. One of my dearest friends spent the last couple of years watching her dad decline due to the cancer that invaded his body. She said her earthly good-byes to him this spring. And last week I got word that another friend in ministry lost her daddy to the tragedy of suicide. Their grief caused me to use this post as a public thank you to all the dads, including mine, who have done the following for their daughters:

1) Thank you dads for telling us boys are “yucky” and then giving us your complete blessing when we still fell in love.

2) Thank you dads for taking us to church and showing us God’s love by serving others.

3) Thank you dads for teaching us girls to stand up to boys and that’s it o.k. to bite them back when they hurt you.

4) Thank you dads for making us laugh and for being goofy–especially when you knew we just wanted to cry.

5) Thank you dads for knowing when to speak and when to stay quiet. (like when I wrecked my car or ran out of oil)

6) Thank you dads for working hard to provide–even when we didn’t seem grateful.

7) Thank you dads for teaching us to understand football, baseball, basketball and a myriad of other sports.

8) Thank you dads for loving your wives–our moms. It has helped us learn how to truly love unselfishly.

9) Thank you dads for giving generously and helping us learn there’s so many in the world who have less.

10) Finally, dads–thank you for being a picture of my Heavenly Daddy. I can trust Him more, because you showed me how you trust in Him.