Off DutyAfter a really hectic month (notice I haven’t posted in awhile), I’m taking a few days to get away from the office for one of my favorite times of the year–my meeting with counterparts from the West.

No. I’m not really taking a vacation. But the next few days I will get the chance to hang out with women who have a similar position within their state conventions. We represent states west of the Mississippi who are single staffed. We’ll sit with a blank white board and dream up our agenda, which can mean anything from the books we are reading to the events we are planning. I honestly can’t wait to be around these women who are my colleagues and friends. And the best part is we get to wear sweatshirts, jeans and hang out in the mountains of Montana. (a much better view than the plains of Oklahoma where we are expecting tornadoes today).

So here’s to some “off duty” time from the office. And onto some dreaming of ways I can serve the women of Oklahoma better as we seek to encourage women to embrace and echo God’s heart for the world.