I love to think I’m a great multi-tasker. When I’m at home you can sometimes find me working on laundry, checking emails, finishing a writing assignment and baking cookies in the oven. I always feel like Super Woman in those moments.

I also love to make lists. It’s not uncommon for me to start my day by making a list of everything I need to accomplish. There’s an even better feeling each time I take my pen and mark through the list. It’s a feeling of a job well done.

What I don’t always love are interruptions. When I have my day planned and have planned it well, the last thing I need is for something or someone to “mess” it up! I’m not always a happy camper when the unexpected visitor stops by my office to chat for 30 minutes or I get a text message from my daughter saying she needs me to check her out of school RIGHT THEN because apparently there’s an emergency (like forgetting lunch or a book at home).

Web 2But doesn’t God often have a sense of humor when it comes to interruptions? Our well made plans are not always the plans He has for us. In fact, many times–no all times–His day for me is a gentle reminder that our successes are not built on the number of projects we complete. It’s not in the number of things we can do at one time. Often, life interruptions are His gentle way of reminding us He is in control and His plan is better than our own.

So what’s been your interruption today? Did someone show up unexpectently at your door? Remember the importance of relationships. Did you get an unexpected assignment at work? Remember it could be an open door for God to do something new in your life. Did you get bad news today? Remember you can trust in the hope of the One who made you and created you.

And if you’re in need of a pleasant interruption, attend the 2010 Oklahoma Ladies’ Retreat at Falls Creek coming April 16-17. Our theme is “Interrupted” and we promise to take you on an adventure in faith.