One of the questions I am often asked is “How do I start a women’s ministry in my church?” While the question may be asked over and over, the answers are always different!

Why? First of all, every church is different. I’ve been in many churches across the state of Oklahoma and there are no two churches that are alike. (that’s a good thing by the way) So, why would we expect the women’s ministry to be the same? Some are more discipleship based. Some are mission groups such as Women on Mission. Some host big events. Some offer mentoring programs. You get the picture.

So, beginning a women’s ministry means knowing the women in your church. What are the demographics? Do they work outside the home? Do they have college educations? Do you have a lot of single women who attend your church? In other words, figure out who you are and to whom you are ministering.

CBR002168Second, ask and meet with women in your church and find out their needs! I’m amazed at how many times we “think” we know what women will attend or ways that will minister to them only to be disappointed when there is little interest. Conduct small group conversations (in formal marketing terms we call this a focus group!) over coffee and dessert or even in the church parking lot. Ask, ask, ask questions.

Third, develop a team of women who represent different women in your congregation. Pray God will give you a variety of ages and stages of life. Pray for diversity among their personalities and unity in their love for reaching women. You want women from your church to “buy in” to what you are offering.

Finally, remember women’s ministry is not a program. Every woman in your church should sense she is part of the women’s work in your congregation. If not, start asking more questions!

While these are very simply stated, we’ll continue to look at ways you can reach women with the Gospel and see transformed lives in future posts.