I love young adult women. If you personally know me, then you know that my first calling is to teenagers. The 11th grade young women in my connection class on Sunday mornings and the 10th grade students we have in our home are a priceless treasure.

But because I’ve been in youth ministry for 20 years, those same teens are now in full family modes. Some are in vocational ministry and others are living out their faith in the culture in which God has placed them. But I’ve noticed some trends among the twenty somethings that I find a little disturbing.

The trend is the conflict of morality. While in one breath I hear women talking about only eating organic food and being “green”, they are the same ones who see no problems with homosexuality, drinking and living together with their significant other. While they preach “feed the poor”, they also have little motivation to work hard and earn a decent living.

Here’s some disturbing research that was published in the current edition of “On Mission,” the magazine published by the North American Mission Board.

Two-thirds of the under-25 segment (64%) had used profanity in public, compared to just 19% of Boomers when they were that same age. They are nine times more likely than Boomers to have engaged in sex outside of marriage (38% vs. 4%), six times more likely to have lied (37% vs. 6%), almost three times more likely to have gotten drunk (25% vs. 9%) and to have gossiped (26% vs. 10%), and twice as likely to have observed pornography (33% vs. 16%). (The Barna Group, August 25, 2008)

Does that mean we give up on this generation? Absolutely not! They are passionate about what they believe and as a 40-something moms of teens, we have a huge responsibility to mentor and disciple. We must look for opportunities to engage with young adult women. Don’t be critical of them or their disdain for red meat and processed foods (we 40 somethings could learn a thing or two about better eating habits).

Let’s listen and show them the love of Christ. Let’s be ready to share a kind word seasoned with the salt and light of the Gospel.