I’m breaking the first rule of writing a blog post. There’s no creative title.

But…I’m not sure I need creativity on this one. Because I know a lot of women who are wishing they had a crystal ball when it comes to wanting to know the future of women’s ministry. In fact, I sat in a room full of them today.

I attended a Women’s Leadership Conference today at Dallas Theological Seminary. One of the seminars I attended was led by Sherry Surratt of Leadership Network. She has just finished hosting a Radical Future Innovation Lab for Women’s Ministries. Here’s a few of the findings.

First, who are women today and what’s important to them? When it comes to fulfillment, younger women find fulfillment in volunteer work and their career. When it comes to those over 30, family is where women find fulfillment.

Second, younger women admire their girlfriends, their parents and especially people who are making a difference in their community. Over 30? Oprah made the list (don’t even get me started on that one girls) and family made the list once again.

Finally, what keeps women up at night? Younger women tended to focus on finances related to their future. And women over 30, once again, confessed that concerns with their families made for some sleepless nights.

Now, here’s what’s interesting. Before you read further, ask yourself this question: What are you reading? What magazines do you read? If you answered romance, fiction, self-help books i.e. losing weight, emotional issues or you’ve picked up a magazine that sells beauty and sex, you’re right there with most of us gals. I have to confess – while getting my nails done the other day I read an article trying to make me feel better about my “average” size body. In the next sentence I was told I could be a “plus” sized model. Ouch. I’ve never wanted to be so below average in my life!

While I could take up a lot more blog space (and violate other blogging rules I learned today), here’s some implications:

1. Women are going to wait for a title or program to go out and make a difference. Let women lead out of their passions. Don’t force them to fit your passion.

2. Women aren’t looking for more to do, but they crave to be connected to their passion. They want things that are conversation based and they desire community.

3. Women do long to be connected to each other. There are lonely women out there. How are they connecting to your women’s ministry?

Look for more on this subject as this conversation continues. Let me know what you think and let’s begin the dialogue.