Seems I’ve been traveling a lot lately. Boise, Nashville, Dallas and now I’m getting ready to head to the airport for Birmingham. But no matter where I have travelled, there is always a sense of adventure and God’s leading.

But of all the traveling I’ve done this fall, I will not forget my delay in Denver. I left Boise, Idaho, after speaking at the Utah/Idaho Baptist Convention’s Annual Meeting. It was a sweet time of being with my friend, Shayla Hurlbut, and meeting women in the west who love Jesus. I knew when I got to the airport in Boise that my flight would be delayed in Denver. The dilemma was whether to stay in Boise or make it to Denver to spend the night. I chose to get to the Mile High City where it promptly snowed.

After settling into a hotel in Denver for the night, I realized it was getting late and I hadn’t eaten in about 9 hours. I was not famished, but hungry enough that I wanted something to eat. I really didn’t want to order room service, so I headed to the hotel restaurant.

Needless to say, no one else was there. So…I struck up a conversation with my waitress, Ruby. After she took my order, I sensed the Holy Spirit was telling me to share Christ with her. Praying for the right words, Ruby returned to check on me and we continued our conversation. I found out that Ruby was working in Denver, trying to get her life back together.

A year ago she was sitting in a prison in New Mexico and had lost the rights to see her two little girls. (Ruby is only 22 years old and has a 7-year-old and 4-year-old. Do the math.) As I shared God’s love with her I told her that I would love to pray for her. I also told her that if she would like to pray and accept Christ as her Savior, I would help her do that as well. She prayed and asked Christ to forgive her and to be Lord of her life. I could hardly sleep I was so excited!

I’m not always obedient when it comes to sharing my faith. I’m not a full time evangelist. I do not have the gift of evangelism. But…I do have the Good News and it’s my responsibility to take it to our lost world.

When was the last time the Holy Spirit was prompting you to share the love of Christ? Did you follow through? If not, who else will share the Gospel with the lost? Commit today to not whine about inconvenient circumstances. Look for God’s delight in your delays.