Last Sunday morning I had the privilege of teaching the large group lesson to our high school students at church. We are teaching through the book, “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan. The chapter we discussed was based on James 4 and how our life is like a vapor. While we boast and brag about our plans and what we will do, James reminds us that we never know what each day will bring. Those verses became more than just a teaching lesson this week. They became my life.

Tuesday morning our office had volunteers at the BGCO helping us stuff 600 packets for our upcoming SWEET Saturday event. (We are thrilled that so many women will be coming for this day of leadership development) In the midst of finding boxes, my assistant received a call from one of our state leadership team members. Another team member who lives in Woodward unexpectedly lost her husband the night before. Our hearts sank as we grieved for Judy. Little did she know that she would say goodbye to Brad that morning and not see him again. We are mourning today with Judy and her sons as they say goodbye to their Godly husband and dad. Yes, our life is like a vapor.

On Wednesday, I experienced another loss. I woke up that morning to turn on my computer and it wasn’t starting. After taking it to the local Apple store, I was told that my hard drive had crashed and would need to be replaced. While it can be fixed, my stomach turned when I realized that I have the last three years of family photos on that hard drive that are not backed up. While I did not lose a family member, I feel like I’ve lost some precious family moments. I’m praying that I won’t have to mortgage my home to retrieve some of the data. The verdict is still out on that one.

Thursday, I experienced another loss. Maybe “loss” isn’t the right word–but a life transition. My husband and I took our first born to Norman and moved him into the dorm. While I know every mom does make it through this ordeal, I can’t help by consider the loss of not having Conner in his bed every night and not seeing him at the dinner table. While he is doing cartwheels at the University of Oklahoma and enjoying his new freedom, there is a twinge of loss we are feeling in our family. I can’t imagine what you moms go through that send your children overseas. I’ll just take one step at a time!

So, what have I learned this week? First, in the midst of any loss, we must trust God. If we live our lives in fear and worry, then we are basically living in disobedience. I will remember Philippians 4:4,6 daily.

Second, our lives have one focus and that is to bring glory to God. While we are only here on earth for a short time, let’s make our lives point to Him.

Finally, we do need to live as if we might meet Jesus today. The reality is that some day all of us will face God and give an account for our life. Do we play it safe and not live fully for God? What have we risked today so that others would hear the Gospel. Are you ready?

James 4:14 “What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.”