I can’t even believe that I’m succumbing to the Jon and Kate debate. But it seems to be a topic that everyone is interested in and talking about. So why decide to blog about it? 

First, my ministry for several years has been and continues to be in the area of women’s ministry. It concerns me that women flock and follow celebrities such as Oprah and Kate Gosselin, while taking their daughters to Miley Cyrus concerts. Kate may be a professing Christian, but there’s some definite tendencies in her life that women should be fleeing from.

I think I can speak pretty candidly about Kate’s tendency to “rule the roost” and dominate Jon’s authority. I know we only see what the camera is allowing us to see, but wouldn’t you think that we are probably seeing the better and not the worse? (I know, it makes for good television drama). 

I am concerned about Jon and Kate. But I also have to look in my own mirror and wonder what the camera would reveal about my own marriage. Why is it so easy to be critical of my husband? Why do I want to win the power struggles? Why do I want to always be right and get my way?

Answer: Sin and Self. Honestly, I’m no better than Kate. I think it’s a struggle many women have. Submission to our husbands and to their authority is an age old issue. We fight the “s” word and yet it’s God’s plan for our protection. We wonder why men aren’t the leaders we want them to be and yet we continue to fight for the reigns of authority. 

Today–will you pray for your marriage? Will you pray for the men in your life? And it sure wouldn’t hurt to pray for Jon and Kate. 

1 Timothy 2:11: “Let a woman quietly receive instruction with entire submissiveness.”