Human Exploitation/Trafficking

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Did you know…  Slavery stills exists in our world and is an estimated $32 billion industry? You may be aware of what happens overseas, but the issue exists here—even in Oklahoma. The United States is the number one destination for trafficking humans and approximately 300,000 children are sexually exploited each year.

What is Human Exploitation? Human exploitation is the unethical, selfish use of human beings for the satisfaction of personal desires and/or profitable advantage. There are six areas we focus on, including labor trafficking, sex trafficking, media exploitation, pornography, bullying and exploitation of natural resources.

What can you do? This is the question most often asked by churches. The first step is understanding the issue. The BGCO offers a team of Human Trafficking Educators who are trained to make presentations to your church or local community group. If you would like someone to make a presentation in your church, please contact the BGCO Women’s Office by emailing


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6 Areas of Exploitation  What Can My Church Do?
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Human Trafficking Educators/Speakers


Pink Elephant Resources: These resources are available to combat the issue of pornography.

She’s Somebody’s DaughterRaising awareness of the pervasiveness and destructiveness of pornography. Three men and a husband and wife share their personal struggle with pornography confronting the lies and darkness of this addictive force with compelling honesty and hope. The DVD also contains four music videos and eight vignettes. The 55 minute bonus CD contains 9 original songs, stories, poetry, and scripture readings.

UnLock Freedom: Find resources and information on Human Trafficking on this website.



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Domestic Violence Intervention Services – Tulsa
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